St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Well mom and dad, this week has been pretty good. On the 4th we stayed
out a bit later than usual to see some fireworks! As you saw on the
iCloud thingy. Don't worry we had permission! 😜. We have been really
focusing on the members. I feel like I have said that for the past few
emails.. Oh well. We taught about 8 active member lessons and we
received 4 referrals from the members! It was pretty awesome! We still
have to contact them but they all seem promising. I have really loved
working with the members here. The medicine lake Ward is awesome and
there are a lot of members that want so badly to be good missionaries!

I will share one cool miracle. So we had a member lesson with our
Elders Quorum president last Sunday and he wanted us to see three
different families he was concerned about. 2 of them are less active.
And one of them was the Gbollie family. So we decided we were going to
stop in on Tuesday to see if they were home and they were! At first
they seemed a bit reluctant and awkward about us come by but by the
end they were super grateful we came by! Their 14 year old daughter
said the closing prayer and in her prayer she mentioned how grateful
she was that elders came by to help them to come back to church. It
was amazing! The lesson was also quite spiritual. The really impactful
part of this is that we went to the Elders Quorum president, he
exercised his keys and received revelation on who under his
stewardship needed to be seen that week, and we followed his council
and saw a miracle! This is how things should go. I love how this
church is run by the power of priesthood keys. It is just a major
testimony builder to me knowing that only the church of Jesus Christ
has this! Other religions are definitely good and strive to be close
to God  but none have the divinely given priesthood authority that the
church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has. I love it!

Elder Anderton goes home on Wednesday. He will be the third missionary
I have killed. I have absolutely loved serving with him the past 4.5
months! It's going to be sad to see him go but I'm super excited for
him as well! We have learned a lot from each other and have grown to
be pretty good friends.

Also if at some point you could send me 4 pairs of large extra support
G bottoms and 4 MT dri lux round neck tops that would be awesome!

My new companion is Elder Anderson!! He as up in Thunder Bay in the
south area! I'm so pumped to serve with him!

I guess that's all the updates I got. Love you!

Elder Long

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