St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

So this past week has been pretty sweet! Today is July 4th so we get
to have Pday from 1-9pm. And then we got it approved to watch some
fireworks at night so it should be a blast! 😉 On Friday we went to
the temple to celebrate Canada day. It was pretty fun because elder
Cordara from high river came with us. We had a pretty fun day! Also
this week we moved in to our new apartment!!! Woo!! Finally! It has
only taken like a month. We managed to scrounge up a couch from the
side of the road to. That is the scrap life for ya!                                                                                
 So a really cool update from the Ward fast yesterday! Basically everyone bore there testimony about missionary work which was awesome! During testimony meeting this member came up to bear her testimony and she told this story of her meeting this guy who was in a wheel chair. And somehow she managed to share the gospel with him and I guess he was super interested. And the crazy part is that this whole week we have been meaning to go and visit this member and then she goes and tells this Story! So we're going over this week to help her with her yard and hopefully start working with this wheel chair guy. 

> Canada day looked pretty fun in Raymond! That outdoor basketball volleyball thing looked super cool to. So I guess as far as money goes I could use a bit more.. I have like 70 left so I still have enough for a bit. Also in the future to send my bike home it will cost 75 so I will probably just save what I have now for that? Also I just listened to Kansas's song and that was incredible!! Best one I have heard so far! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Nice work! Another thing. Did Izaak get an Apple Watch?! Don't have a tone more time to write today but thanks for everything and life is still going good! I get to kill my companion next week! 

> Update on elder Lowe. He got transferred down to the mission office to be there for a bit. He says he likes it! So he is doing a lot better now. He stays in the office during the day and usually goes with the assistants at night. Anyways if there are any other cool pics or vids from the weekend don't be afraid to send them my way! I LOVE YOU ALL AND I LOVE FASTING

> Elder Long 

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