St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sorry mom I don't have a lot of time to write his week. The past week
since Wednesday has been nuts! Crazy busy with transfers, MLC, stake
meetings, and zone Pday today. I appreciate the notice about the
homecoming talk jazz, I'm sure it will all be ok! Haha you guys can
sing if you want it is up to you. Naturally I would rather not think
about it though.. At least for another month and a half! 😉. That's
cool that Jesse talked to you. This is The jesse that works for the
town right? I would probably to that job again it was fun. But ya I
have no idea what to do for school though. So we will see when I get
back. There is an Elder that just came out that it is my zone his name
is Elder Wyatt Lowell. He is from Arizone and is the number one high
school small forward recruit in the west... He is 6"10!!! He has had
schools like Vilinova, Oklahoma, and Utah state try to recruit him.
Someday when he is in the NBA I will get to say I was his first zone
leader and I went on his first exchange haha. He is going to play for
UVU when he gets home. I guess he likes the coach and there getting
pretty good?.. Anyways that is cool. There is 7 new missionaries in
our zone so this transfer should be pretty wild! But for reall I have
to go. Thanks for the updates and your love!

Elder Long

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