St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 13 June 2016

This last week has been pretty decent. Except for yesterday. We got a
text from Comfort saying that she was grateful for all that we did but
she was going to keep going to her other church... Which is completely
and utterly bogus. We are thinking that someone Anti'd them super hard
so we are going to try and see them tonight to try and correct
anything that is not true. So beside that super sad thing I guess
things went well. We found a few new investigators. Also The stake
president and the bishop have been trying to get us to meet up with
this inactive family the whitmans. And so we are at this grad party
for a senior in our Ward and the whitmans show up at the party too! So
obviously we talk to them and we set up a time to go over and have a
lesson with their family! It was awesome they are actually pretty
cool. So that should go well.

Oh we also had this super funny pass off lesson with the Spanish
sisters the other night haha. So they called us up and said there was
this guy they met in our area that they were going to pass of to them.
So we arrive at this guys house with the Hermana's and this guy is
totally drunk haha the first thing he says to the sisters is hey sweet
heart.. So we knew where it was going. So besides the overall
creepiness of this guy it went ok. He didn't try to kiss them or
anything so I guess it was a success? He is probably going to be
heartbroken when he finds out the sisters aren't coming back. But I
don't care. I doubt he will even remember it. But we will find out
tomorrow night.

One thing that I have noticed this week was how much my personal
studies have improved throughout my mission. Before my mission and
even when I first got out I found it difficult to really pull this out
from scriptures. But I think I am improving a lot! In my notes I am
writing down everywhere it talks about Jesus Christ or the Atonement
in a significant way. And it has been so cool to see the many
different testimonies of Christ and how unique and powerful each one
is. But anyways today we did some golfing and I got a haircut from
Elder Lowe!

Peace out

Elder Long

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