St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 13 June 2016

So last week you will never guess what happened to us. The bed bugs
came back!!! 😰😡. So what ended up happening was we cleaned a lot and
packed up our stuff and moved out! So now we are living with the
crystal elders until we find a new apartment for us to live in! And
that took up a good chunk of time having to deal with all of that. But
we are doing good! Haven't taught as many lessons as we had hoped we
would teach but it's all good. We had a really cool experience last
night! We found out that we are allowed to teach non member friends
and family from home if we have our mission presidents approval. So
elder anderton has a friend from back home who isn't a member and we
got it approved to teach him! It was a bit weird but I think it went
pretty good. We're doing it via Skype. I think that this is why so
many people get baptized in the Utah missions is because all of these
missionaries come home and teach their friends! It is a good system I
guess. So we are going to be skyping nick twice a week now.

That's so cool that coach Gelwicks came to provincials! That video you
sent of him was so cool! He seems like just an awesome guy. Kansas did
an AMAZING job on whatever that song was she sang too! Wowzers! You
keep getting better and better. Its to bad that you guys lost but hey
you will win for sure next year! I have actually done an amazing study
this week. One of the members here told me I should spend a study
sessions studying solely on the principle of light. So I did and I
learned a lot! I found a out 20 scripture references and talks that
talk about light that are just awesome. Some of them are: Moroni
7:18-20, Alma 32:35, D&C 88:6-13, D&C 50:24, 1 John 1:7, "Receiving a
testimony of light and truth" by Pres. Uchtdorf, and Romans 13:12.
There are more but I thought I would just give you those to look at!
Light is used in so many different ways in the scriptures. And it is
used often! I never realized exactly how much it is used and all of
the different meanings. There is physical light, the light of Christ,
children of light, walking in the light, and many more meanings. So if
you would like to know more about it study away! It has really helped
me to understand the scriptures better and my love for them has
increased a ton.

Tonight we are going to be seeing comfort and Ivan again. Gotta see
why the flip they didn't come to church last week! Haha it should go
well. I'm just so happy to still be in this area. It's possible that
this could be my last area... But who knows! 🤔. Anyways I think that
that is about it for the week.. Love you all and thank you for


Elder Long

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