St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Alrighty so the big news came in.. I'm staying! With elder Anderton
too!! We're going eternal! And I'm going to be killing him cuz this is
his last transfer. Man I'm so pumped cuz at means I am guaranteed
another transfer after that here. So I'll be here for another three
months. I'm just so excited for that! This area is so great and there
are a ton of people we are working with. So that is the news with

So Comfort and Ivan are doing great! We brought them to another
baptism service so they could see what it is like. Comfort is super
determined to get baptized. It has been incredible to be able to see
the restored gospel of Jesus Christ work within her and literally
change her. Pretty early in us teaching her she said that she knew the
Book of Mormon was true because she prayed and got an answer! She also
explained the timing of us meeting them is undeniable. She believes
that we were sent from God to help them. the funny thing is that when
we found them we were tracting an apartment building and we knocked on
their door.. And no one answered. So we moved on to the next one. Then
when we were about to knock the next door we heard the door open a
little bit. So we walked back quickly and caught Ivan at the door! If
we wouldn't have made the decision to go back we would have never
started teaching them. So! I just thank the Holy Ghost for giving us a
little push to go back and teach them! But the only sad thing about he
week is that Comfort and Ivan didn't come to church 😭😭. I have no
idea what happened. All I know is that when your investigators don't
come to church it is probably the worst you could ever feel as a
missionary... It completely Womps!! You feel so bad and wish they
would just come! So hopefully they can get baptized on their scheduled
date for June 25th. But we did have one of our investigators come so
that was good!

We have been doing a ton of work in this area though. Last week we
taught over 20 lessons and found 7 new investigators! Now the trick is
going to be turning all these new investigators into progressing
investigators. Which is a whole different story! In this area it is
pretty easy to find new investigators and teach first lessons. The
more difficult part is continuing to meet with them consistently. I
have really come to learn that the Lord can do his own work! He knows
all his children and he knows which ones are ready for the gospel. So
it is completely our job to align our wills with his and get the work
done! But anyways classic me I don't have a ton of time to write more.
But I love you and thanks for everything!

Elder Long

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