St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wow this past week has been one of the greatest weeks of my mission
thus far I would have to say. We taught over 20 lessons!! 👏👏😁 so I
will start with Ivan And Comfort. They are two of our investigators
that have a date set for baptism. We did a church tour with them on
Wednesday and had a lesson in the chapel with bishop. Super Good!
Comfort is totally on fire right now. She is definitely up there in
prepared people I have met on my mission. Every lesson we have an
every time we talk to her she thanks us so much for visiting with her
and helping her to come closer to God. She came to church yesterday
and she had an awesome time! She especially loved the gospel
principles class. She said that that is what's going to keep her calm
back because she just loved it so much. And she has been well
acquainted with a lot of members in our ward so she's gonna fit right
in! We just need to start working more with Ivan. He wasn't able to
come to church Sunday so we'll see we can do. So they doing awesome! I
just really hope that I stay here to see there baptism... It's making
me nervous. But either way they are going to get baptized. So whatevs.

The next miracle was Justin! I was on exchanges with the assistance
and we had some things fall through so we had to resort to some backup
plans. We're going to stop by what we thought was a potential, but it
turned out that we met Justin! Someone we have never met before. As
soon as we open the door he was so happy to To see and invited us
right in with a big smile! We were a bit confused but super excited at
the same time. It turns out that he even came to stake conference a
couple weeks ago with one of his friends! So we told him about the
book of Mormon and he was super interested in it and usually
missionaries ask inspired questions but he was asking us questions and
we read some scriptures out of the Book of Mormon. Ether 12:27 and
Moroni 10:32. He was like, "This IS a good book!". It was incredible.
He said he was super interested in the book of Mormon want to
understand it better. We invited him to be baptized and he said
maybe.. He wants to know more first. Which is fine! Some people say
yes, some no, and some want time. I'm perfectly fine with either of
the first and third answers. He has had a real difficult life growing
up in west Africa going through different refugee camps and what not.
Super humble guy.

Next miracle was Ashley. So a couple weeks ago we met Ashley cuz we
saw these two ladies trying to move this huge couch on a dolly.. It
was not going well at all so obviously we jumped in to save their
lives. We moved it for them and asked if we could come back to share a
message and she said yes! So we went back with a priest in our
ward(Aubrey Jones super cool kid) and taught her a lesson. She said
yes to baptism!! We are going to see her tomorrow to try and get her
to come to churn this week. She has 3 little girls one of which is of
baptismal age. So hopefully things keep going well!

Man there has just been so many miracles lately! Just over a month ago
we had 3 date sets in our zone. Now we have 14! The zone is doing
super good. Our area is doing super good. But the only negative thing
in all of this is how fast time is going. But that's about it. Today
we went to this members house down in Eden prairie. They have a gym in
there house so we played some ball! And they are super loaded so they
always have grub for the missionaries.

That's so cool you talked to the Zobells! What a coincidence! Maybe
one day I will get to go up to Duluth and get to TBay again... But we
will see. I can't really think of anything else. And my thumbs are
getting tired. That video of Izaak Kansas sent me was pretty hilarious
I must say. Thanks for that! Talk to ya later bye!


Elder Long

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