St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 1 February 2016

So this week has been. Crazy. First of all, as you know, I got
transferred to Medicine Lake. I didn't  get here until Saturday night.
President Forbes came up Friday morning and I thought we were going to
go back down the same day so I was all ready and packed... But we left
Saturday morning. So I was on a 7 hour journey with president and
sister Forbes. It was cool! I really enjoyed it. But I have entered a
whole new world of missionary work now. Zone leader. Man there is a
lot of stuff I have to do! So far it has been really good. We put
together the zone focus for this transfer last night with the sister
training leaders. I think it's going to work great! The focus covers
three different principles: Self improvement, planning, and teaching
repentance. There is a huge focus, pretty much everywhere, in working
with the members. We had a worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday
and in the US and Canada the highest percentage of people who get
baptized come from the members. 59% to be exact. While only 29% of
people found just by missionaries get baptized. So what do you think
works better?

Anyways I hope this email isn't scattered everywhere like my brain is.
Emailing seems to be more of a struggle today for some reason. But I
am doing awesome! The Ward here is great and elder cook is awesome!
We're going to do some serious work here in the Anoka zone! It's cool
that in a lot of places ere seems to be someone who has a connection
to southern AB. There is quite a few in this Ward actually. So that is
nice! Also, cool thing, quite a few of the guys in this Ward love
hockey. They play every Thursday morning and one of them invited me to
it.. They say they always talk about the gospel whenever they go! Cuz
there is like 7 of them. So I just might talk to president to see if I
could do that. Cuz that would be freaking awesome! But I guess that
has been my week! Most of the pics and vids I am going to be sending I
will just put on the iCloud photo sharing thing. So you can look on
that. And put them on my blog thing. By the way Are you still doing
that? Love ya bye.

Elder Long

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