St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 1 February 2016

Man this week has literally gone by to fast. I fel like i was just barely emailing last week. My ipad is being super dumb and it is not letting me email on it. it wont let me do anything related to emailing actually. so the only time i can see all of your emails is when i am on a computer. and No one else besides Elder Cook and I are having this problem! so i dont have any pics to send home either unfortunately. and if i did they would be on my iPad in the photo sharing thing. anyways This wek has actually been super Great! Medicine lake is an awesome area! There is a lot going on that is for sure. I am also back to the land of teaching Liberians again! so pumped they are super cool. In fact, We picked up 3 new Liberian investigators earlier this week! it was an amazing experience. We received a media referral to stop by this lady. So we did and there were 3 other people in the house that were interested as well! One of them even had a Book of Mormon already and said he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet... Ya pretty awesome! So we will be meeting with them again soon to try and get them to church. We have been teaching a lot though that is for sure. We almost taught 20 lessons this week! and for here that is dang good. But of course we can always do more... I also went on exchanges with the assistants on Friday. Elder Gardiner Came to Med Lake with me. There was definitely a little bit of pressure there cuz i have only been in my area for 6 days but it turned out pretty good! we picked up a new investigator named Charles who was also a media referral. So we are seeing a lot of really great things happening! 

I dont know if you know a lot about Elder Cook Yet? He is from Las Vegas, likes to run, has a marriage date with his girlfriend on october 22. that part is insane. i dont know how he can focus hahaha. they both get home from their missions on the same day.. but dont worry he is not super trunky yet! He has been in med Lake for a long time.. ever since i trained Elder Oldroyd. SO there is a high chance he will get transferred next transfer. 

We have been doing a lot of active member lessons. In the November Stake conference for Anoka a General authority came and promised that by the end of the second lesson with the missionaries someone would come to mind who is ready to recieve the gospel. so obviously the missionaries are jumping all over that. 

Today we are heading up to Anoka to play some volleyball with my old district! im super pumped for that! Elder Johnston is still there. But ya so thats what i got to say this week! Love you all!!! 

Elder Long 

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