St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 18 January 2016

So it seems that this email is going to be nice and short and sweet
because transfers just got here and the news is fatal.🤕🤒😵 I'm
getting transferred to med lake to be a zone leader. So that means I'm
leaving the bay. 😢😭😭 I apologize for the rest of this email already
because my mind is extremely scattered and saddened by the recent
events of transfer calls. I'm probably the most sad to leave his area
out of any area so far... I'm going to be with elder cook. He's cool I
have been on exchanges with him before. Flip I'm trying to remember
some cool things. Tonight we will be watching Freetown with an
investigator family from Freetown Sierra Lionne. That is cool. I
really wanted to stay and work with Lloyd! Has has a ton of potential
to be baptized! We went to one of his basketball games. Which was
awesome and weird because I haven't seen a high school game in
forever. Man I'm just actually really sad. There is so much potential
here and the people are awesome. I love them. I'm also sad cuz I'm
going back to the states where the dollar is terrible. I guess that is
all I have to say this week. Love you all and thankful for everything!
Also please don't send anything to the Thunder Bay address anymore! Go
back to the Bloomington address! Or else I will not get things for a
really really long time...

Elder Long

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