St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Alright I guess this week has been another great one! I went on an
exchange with Elder Larsen in Elm Creek on Tuesday and had a pretty
miraculous day! The very first person we tried to stop by wasn't home,
but, her son was! And we taught him a full lesson! So he became a new
investigator and hey we're supposed to go back and see him on
Saturday. Then after that we visited a less active guy. Brother
McLaugherty. Ya his name made me laugh hah. But the cool part was we
got to teach his son (who is a nonmember) as well, which the elders
have been trying to do for months! So that's 2 miracles so far. After
dinner the stake high councilman took us out to see a family he knew
that was les active. And we got in! We had an awesome visit and set up
another time to go and see them! It was incredible! Exchange miracles
are REAL!!

I don't know if I have told you much about Leroy? He got baptized
literally the day I got to med lake. He is.. Interesting haha he
literally calls us like 5 times a day to talk about the same exact
problems he has always had. It gets pretty annoying. But his voice
mails are hilarious so that makes up for it. We had this lesson with
him Saturday night that was pretty legendary.. So he lives in this
group home with some another guys who aren't exactly that accountable.
And he got in a fight with one of his roommates about who knows what
and they were both super ticked at each other. They even had to take
his roommate to another location so he could cool off! So we talked to
Leroy about the importance of forgiveness and being an example to
others and we committed him to go upstairs, give his roommate a hug,
and apologize to him. Well we hear Jason come in upstairs making a
racket so we get Leroy upstairs to do his thing. You just had to be
there... He went up to him, gave him a very long hug, and apologized.
It was like something from a movie haha. Then it got kind of creepy
cuz they kept hugging and ya I won't get into the details haha. All in
all it was great!

This week is going to be super busy. We have zone Pday today, zone
training on Thursday, zone service on Friday, and an exchange with
Anoka tomorrow. It should be a great week! It is also crazy how the
time just vanishes... There is only 2 weeks left in the transfer
already! It's insane!

I feel like the only new investigators we have gotten the past few
weeks have been from Liberia haha which is awesome because I love
Africans! But they are hard to commit.. So it is both awesome and
frustrating. For example,they say yes to be baptized, but never make
an appearance at church. Just stuff like that. But Hm what else can I
say. Zone leader life is still a burden. Except for exchanges. Pretty
much everything except for exchanges is a burden. Exchanges are super
fun I think. But I guess that is all from me this week. Love ya and
talk to ya later!

Elder Long

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