St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

This week there was a lot of zone stuff. We had zone Pday on Monday,
zone training on Thursday, and zone service on Friday. So there was a
fair amount of zone things! It was pretty fun. At Zone service we
helped out with a donation drive thing at e church. And there was a
ton of cool books donated so of course I snagged a few! I'm super
pumped about that. Also I got to go on exchanges with elder Johnston!
It was weird. Cuz we used to go on exchanges all the time when I was
in Andover. So that was cool. I also got to see my baby boy!!! I
haven't seen elder Oldroyd since Andover and I got to see him last
night at mission presidents fireside! It was incredible. It is weird
seeing someone you train further along on their mission. Because they
are not so green anymore! Haha I got to see a lot of people last night
actually! I saw elder Anderson(from t bay), bishop johnson(Andover
bishop), brother stanich(member in first area), and elder Anderton.
Man it was so awesome seeing all these guys again!

Yesterday I got to drive a car by myself! 😱😁. Don't worry our
mission president said it was ok 👍. I put a video of it on iCloud for
ya. That was super weird. Being alone for the first time since I
left.. I'm not going to lie it was kinda nice! Having some peace and
quiet for once. This week was kind of slow as far as teaching goes. We
were pretty busy but with other things apparently... We tried to see
Chris a TON. But he has been super flakey lately.. It's real sad cuz
he has a ton of potential to do awesome things! Oh flip I forgot about
one of the coolest things. Yesterday we had a meeting with the stake
presidency, mission presidency, some stake high councillors, and the
STL's. It was one of e most intimidating meetings of all time. But it
went well! We got some good things done and I learned a lot! We're
trying to focus on teaching EVERYONE. Members and nonmembers alike.
Because our calling is to teach and testify and invite ALL to Christ.
There has been a huge push to work with members lately and I really
love it. It's so much more effective than tracting and more pleasant..

There is a guy in our area who supposedly needed first presidency
approval to be baptized, but then didn't. So he can get baptized! The
only problem is that it is super hard to get in contact with the him..
So I'm really hoping we can see him so he can get baptized! There is a
lot of potential baptisms in this area. So I'm hoping to have quite a
few baptisms here. But we'll see. It's not just the baptisms that
matter it is conversion. But I'm pumped for what could happen. But I
guess that's all from me this week! I love you all and cya later!

Elder Long

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