St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Well family I am happy that you have finally caved in and bought a 60 inch TV as soon as I leave. Real nice. Haha just kidding. And I told you i was working on my hand writing!!! I have diverted to write in all caps because it is actually 5 million times neater. So NO my companion didn't write it I did.
 Some really cool things happened this week! Monday night we had an amazing lesson with Mike and Dotte! We brought Brother Hansen with us(which was the best decision in the world) and we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ but that wasn't even the highlight of the Lesson. Bro Hansen basically ran the show and invited them to dinner on friday. He was super bold but it turned out super good! So your probably thinking... Did they come to dinner?.... YES! They did and it was flippin awesome! They came as well as the gilmers (recent converts as of February) and the Manions( recent converts as of 2011). We were there as well. And because Mike is Vegan we had a Vegan dinner.... Oh my goodness I have never had so many mushrooms in my entire life!!! My insides felt really weird after that one. I'm still having nightmaresabout veggies. yuk. But the best part of the dinner was that after we watched a mormon message and talked about it and explained more about what we believe and answered there questions. The manion's gave their conversion story and it was just a good time! But the part that is less awesome is that I was SURE that they would come to church yesterday.. But they didn't come.  They have been meeting with the missionaries since october and they have never been to church once!! That is probably the most frustrating thing when people don't come to church. It is just the biggest hurdle for people.

 Some other cool things that have happened are on thursday President Toronto (stake pres) came out joint teaching with us to see Bro Lattu. It was really good Bro Lattu really needed it. He hasn't been to church since ive been here but he came yesterday!!! Also This week I finally met my long lost brother Elder Anderton!!! (We both have the same dad, Elder Shurtleff) He is my District leader now. OH! and another cool thing is that sis lawrence is from alberta, she grew up in calgary but she knows everything about southern alberta. She remembers the classic softball tournament in Raymond. She is related to all the Mayhews.... So she DEFINITELY knows the Courts! I thought that was really cool that she knows about the legendary softball rivalries. But ya she is realted to the Mayhews, strongs, and sabeys to but I'm not sure which ones?, Her mom grew up in welling i think. OH and all the wilds! she is related to all of them to. SO we had a nice talk about good ol southern AB. There a nice family. 

Today we are having a Zone- pday. it should be fun i guess. Andover has been super great so far! I love it here. The members are super nice. we get fed WAY to well. Also for skyping next week it will probably be around 6-7 my time. so be ready. I will call before to make sure you are ready. make sure all the gadgets are turned off so the internet will work good!! Also we went to the temple this week with the Pimlotts. They are super cool and funny. Wow for some reason I have a lot to say this week I am not sure why. Izaak is starting to look taller it is really weird. But I should probably go! Love you all and I can't wait to see your faces on Sunday!!! 


Elder Long

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