St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 27 April 2015

ET Round Two..

SO For some reason this district gets ET'd all of the time. Elder Smith our district leader got transferred to Thunder bay Saturday night!!! Crazyness I am so Jealous. T-Bay is the dream. So for now his companion Elder Alvarez is with us until Tuesday. Trio's are pretty fun because we always have the rule of 3... So thats a bonus. Also I guess I am some sort of temporary District leader until we get more of a direction from President Forbes. Back to Preppin District meetings again! woooo!!!
 This week has been really good. We started a youth challenge last week and we are seeing some good stuff come out of it! One example is that we have a recent convert part member family with a 13 yr old girl who is a nonmember. One of the laurals invited her to mutual and she came! she said it was really fun. I think they had a cooking competition. BUT Great things are coming out of it because now she is in all of our lessons with that family and she is getting more and more receptive. Youth are the best missionaries. Especially when its a competition between the YM and the YW. Then they get extra excited. Elder Macdonald and I are still adjusting but we are starting to get into the groove of things here! We have a lesson tonight with a couple who we both have never met before so it should be fun... They are our next best option for progressing investigators so we are going to bring the POWER! Oh, I mean Spirit.. hah

 Man this area is pretty awesome though, Bro Jacobson is the coolest guy so far. He is a hockey lover he always gives me the updates on the playoffs. One time he called JUST to tell me that the wild got in and that Calgary and Vancouver would be playing each other. And yes I know Vancouver is out now because he told me yesterday as well!! So he has pretty much made himself our inside hockey specialist. haha It doesn't make me trunky or anything I just think its funny.
This morning We spent 2 hours cleaning out our apartment... I will never understand how a missionary apartment can accumulate so much stuff. W filled up like 6 garbage bags full of junk!! (and expired food yuk) OH I almost forgot! we had a crzy lesson thursday night with a couple. It was the first lesson with them and they were the classic "Gracers". it was very frustrating i must say. It was like nothing I would say would do anything!!! It frustrated me because there is this whole other world of stuff they they were not getting! a world full of happiness, peace, truth, answers, and LOVE. it took me a few days to get over that one. But they did give us some cake so that was probably the biggest bonus of the lesson. haha.
 Man Izaak looks like he is growing a lot its freaking me out! Yeah i saw the pics of Quincee's wedding. Looks like a blast. wish I could have been there for the temple part because I would have liked to experience that but I guess I will have more opportunities like that later! But I got to go get my hair cut so talk to you later!

Elder Long

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