St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 2 February 2015

SO I barely have any time today because we are going to Minneapolis for P-Day! I'm sorry for anyone that I haven't written in a while...I promise I will try to get to you next week! The only thing I am excited for is eating the Juicy Lucy. I will have pictures of today's events next week. But so far in the mission world Carrie is doing SO GOOD! We committed her to be baptized on March 28th. Yesterday we had her and her kids over for dinner at the Wood's! It was the first time that we have had any gospel talk with her kids. They need the gospel so much I can't wait to teach them more. Hopefully the kids can come to church next week because that would be awesome. On Thursday we had a word of wisdom lesson with her and committed her to live it! she is awesome. At the end of the lesson we confiscated the "Potential Temptations" which are represented in the image below:

So as you can see she has no possible way to break the word of wisdom... unless she goes to the store. But I'm praying that won't happen! Also we did throw all of that stuff out and drain it down the toilet so don't worry! It felt very weird driving around with all of that in the trunk... But it is for a good cause! I love you all and I appreciate your letters so much! I will write more next week.. hopefully haha. Cya

Elder Long

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