St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 26 January 2015

Overcome our weaknesses

I went to the temple last week to! On Thursday we went with the Jones'. We didn't get any pictures unfortunately. I am really bad at taking pictures. Which is not very surprising i'm sure. Tony and sarah are still the same. Josh has pretty much dropped us :(. He is trying to put us in the "friend zone". However, Carrie is doing amazing! she came to church yesterday and had a great time! This week has definitely been the most mentally/emotionally draining. Every night my head hits the pillow and I am out in 5 seconds i swear. Which means I must be working somewhat hard i think? I am also starting to realize that my companion goes home in less than a month now and then I will be taking over the area. It scares me to death that it is going to happen! So much pressure, responsibility, and expectaion that i need to live up to. And then there is the chance that I might be training! I reeeeeaaaallllly hope that doesn't happen. I still feel like I should be getting trained lol. But whatever happens happens i guess. This week I have thought a lot about the past... About all the things that I could have done better. All the things I should have done to prepare for missionary life. But I have come to one conclusion, although the past effects who I am, it does not determine my destiny. I realized that I can change! I have been given the power to physically change my nature. Christ is our ultimate example, therefore we should do everything we can to truly stand as a witness of him at all times. Our personality traits should resemble the Saviors. That is the bar! That is the expectation! But of course this cannot happen all at once or even within two years. It is a life long pursuit towards perfection. I have a testimony of the living Savior and his Atonement. It is real and the healing powers it can bring is real. I have noticed so many things about myself that I would LIKE to change. And Don't we all? Everybody has qualities or traits that they WISH they could change. So why don't they? Why don't I? Because it takes effort and most times it is uncomfortable! People naturally don't like to feel uncomfortable. I know I don't like it! But how can we EXPECT to change if we are not willing to sacrifice our "comfort zone". I have a very particular comfort zone. There are things that i like, but many more things that I am just not comfortable with. "Is this not the steps to repentance?
1. We acknowledge our sins(or weaknesses)
2. We feel sorrow for our sins(or weaknesses)
3 We confess our sins(or weaknesses)
4. We Don't do it again!
The same steps that lead to repentance can lead you to change your nature. Although you or I have not intentionally  sinned, we are still not TRULY Christ like. I have thought a lot about my own personal weaknesses and how I will be able to overcome them. The Gospel of Jesus Christ(prophets, scriptures, revelation) has given me so much hope! There is a way! And it is my hope that you and I can overcome our weaknesses and be able to look Christ in the eyes with joy, and not at our feet with regret in the last day. I am so thankful for the hope that this church brings! I love you all and miss you a ton! See ya

Elder Long 

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