St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

So last week for P day we journeyed to Minneapolis!! Here are all of the places we went to:
-5-8 Club(home of the Juicy Lucy)
-Mall of America
-Downtown Minneapolis
So I will start with the 5-8 club! So as I have said before the 5-8 club was on Man vs. food sooooo that's pretty much the only reason we went there haha. But It was actually super good!! one of the best burgers I have ever had. then we got it approved by president to go to the mall of America... It was. Interesting. we are the first missionaries to set foot there in about 3 years. I just felt like I couldn't enjoy it because I am a missionary and we couldn't really do a ton of stuff except look around and take pictures. But besides that it was HUGE!!! seriously. It is a 4 story mall with 2 of every store. no joke. But Downtown Minneapolis was pretty crazy too. SO many people everywhere!! I could never ever live in a city like that. It is fun to visit but not to live there. And i didn't even see any famous people :(. So that was P day. We didn't teach as many lessons as we had hoped this week. Carrie was not able to come to church because her son Triston had a fever. We were only able to meet with her once last week. She is doing so good though! The only struggles we will have with her will be getting her kids more involved and eventually baptized. This is also Elder Shurtleff's last full week as a missionary. Its pretty crazy knowing that I will have to start being the big man now! Put it will be good. I need to be pushed more so taking over the area will only allow me to grow. Also thanks for sending the pants and hand warmer. Well appreciated. Al Payne was such a great man! he always made me happy whenever I would talk to him! I know without a doubt he is resting in paradise right now awaiting the resurrection. This past week wasn't the most exciting unfortunately. we did a lot of tracting because appointments fell through and next week we should be tracting some more yay!!!! Glad to hear from everyone! Talk to you next week!

Elder Long

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