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St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Spiritually fed

Well this week was very interesting. First off I will start with the bad news, Tony & Sarah are not getting baptized on saturday anymore :'( Last tuessday we gave them the baptismal interview questions to review them. Then on Friday they told us that they don't think they can get baptized. And do you want to know why?!? because they don't even think they believe in God!!! What in the world right? This whole time we have been teaching them and Sarah has gotten prayers answered when all of the sudden they are just like," ya we are just not sure about the whole God thing." I was very devestated. I still am. But it is better to hold off on the baptism now then to find out 3 weeks after their baptism that they don't know if they believe in God. They have been cool about it though,we will still meet with them for now. the anly problem witht that is Tony goes back to oklahoma for training for 3 months.... I'm not sure if I will still be here at that point. We will still try and meet with Sarah but it won't be the same. So that has been the biggest bummer of the week. But on the positive side Josh came to church! And on one of the best sundays to come to church too. It was ward Conference and President Naatje's is amazing. One of the best speakers I have ever heard. It just feels like he is talking to you. This is a quote from him,

"All you primary age children look up at me. (it went quite) You have a right to not go to bed hungry. If your parents are putting you to bed hungry then they are not fulfilling their duty as a parent. Being spiritually fed is something that is needed daily. And it starts when children are born. So all you kids out there if you are going to bed spiritually hungry then you need to tell your parents that they are not doing their job!"

I just love how he compared being physically hungry to spiritually hungry. Also it was awesome because he was rebuking the parents. And this is a guy who graduated from Yale. Very intelligent human. But our investigator josh loved it so that is whats important!

 In other news, saturday I had the wonderful privilage to visit Minneapolis!!!! It was so cool. Only saw one drug deal go down under a bridge. Elder Shurtleff sold his bike to an Elder in Minneapolis so that is why we could drive there. Also do you remember that episode of man vs. food about the Juicy Lucy??? We totally drove past that restaurant!!! It's called the 5-8 club. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that it is only 20 min away. So for our next district P-day we are going there. I am so excited. So right now we are not currently working with anyone that will be getting baptized any time soon. But we have faith! I know that the Lord has a timeline for everyone and I just want to play my part in that to the best of my abilities. Although I am still new and have A LOT to work on, I am seeing progress within myself and the people we are working with. Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week. When we were in Minneapolis I was in to much awe to take pictures. That is so awesome about Cody! It will be the best decision of his life if he gets baptized and remains active. I love you all and thanks for everything!
Elder Long

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