St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Nutha week

You might as well just keep those garments till I get home mom. It's
fine. Also with the airplane stuff whatever works best for everyone is
fine with me! And I know you are trying hard to not talk about home
stuff but it's ok really! It's good to talk about it. Even though it's
weird haha I can handle it!

So this week was interesting. Got some sad news unfortunately. Elder
Clawson had to go home ☹️. He was have some depression/anxiety
problems that were getting pretty bad. So I will be staying in contact
with him. I hope he will be ok!! My new companion is elder beach. He
is from Logan Utah. He is cool. He is going to a D2 school in Colorado
to play quarter back. He is kind of that super star quarter back kind
a guy haha, but he is alright. We are going to work pretty hard this
week to find some new people. Right now we are partying at the hickens
ballin up and shooting pool. Pretty fun. Last week I had dinner with
the CEO of United health care. He is our young men's president haha.
He literally has a mansion and guess what? The sisters live in their
basement. They are in paradise I swear. Pretty much the whole basement
is designed for them. It's pretty wild. But ya we have had some cool
miracles with finding this week! We found this Japanese guy named K.
He told us to just call him k haha yes I got your money transfer by
the way. But I can think of anything else to say right now. So see ya

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