St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Here we go

Alright family what is Up! Opening Minnetonka has been super wild.
Going into an area not knowing anyone or anything about anything is
crazy. The Ward is nice though! And the bishop here is super
missionary minded. But this is also one one the most wealthy areas in
the mission. Actually it might be the most wealthy of them all! Some
houses here are like mansions. We have a dinner tonight with a family
who supposedly have a legit mansion. Maybe I will snag a few pics and
show Ya! But we have met some new people. Taught some lessons so it
has been ok. My comp isn't doing to hot though... I would really
appreciate it if you would pray for him and and pray for me on how to
help him out. Opening this area has been super difficult on both of us
but even more on him. So I'm really hoping he will get straightened
out soon. But ya... Pray pray pray! 🙏🏼

I'm basically losing my mind knowing that this is my last transfer.
It's so Weird! I have pretty much given up on lying to people about
when ingo home. I figured if I'm honest then members might give me
free stuff haha today we're going to play ball at the Hickens. There
this rich family that opens up there house to missionaries all day on
Monday to play basketball in here gym and eat all there food. Yes they
are awesome. Next week were probably going to go to the state fair
though! It will be packed because it is the last day of the fair.

I got to see Moses get baptized on Saturday! We got permission to go
back to Med lake and see it. It was so cool to see all the members
again and especially Moses. I am going to miss him so much. I'm hoping
to find at least one more person on my mission that will get baptized!
After talking with the bishop and other members there is some good
potential with some kids that are over 9 years old and haven't been
baptized yet.  So it should be good! Thanks for Everything! Also have
you payed the mobile device fee yet? And if it is possible I could use
like another 100.... But if it is not that it's ok!


Elder Long


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