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St. Paul Temple
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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Many Mighty Miracles

This week has been amazing! We taught a man named Moses who was a
referral from a member here. He is literally one of the most prepared
people I have ever taught before. We set a baptism date in the first
lesson for August 27th! Which is to bad because that is 3 days after
transfers.... So we will se what happens. But honestly I am super
pumped with Moses! He came to the us from Liberia last September to
try and work and save enough money to bring his family here as well.
We had a dinner lesson with him at the Wilsons. They just got home
from being a mission president in Virginia.. So cool! They are the
nicest people ever! Moses came to church yesterday and liked it. I
have been waiting so long to meet and teach someone like him and
finally it happens. So I am happy, happy, happy!

For Hannah's mission call someone please video it and just post it
directly on the iCloud photo sharing! I want to find out by watching
the video! No Spoilers please! 🤐. I'm going to guess right now that
she is going to England! So you can put me on the map! We have been
biking around a lot because of dumb miles... And this week we are on
bikes all week yay!!! 😭😭.

Also another cool miracle! The man in the bench came to church! I was
utterly shocked. Never has an investigator just come to church without
any persistent follow up or reminders. It just doesn't happen here.
But we rode by him on our bikes last night and invited him and he
came! Haha it was awesome. He is probably in his 70's. He had a
problem with little kids making to much noise but we told him that
that is just the way it is in our church! Families come and worship
together! It is a beautiful thing isn't it?!

I have been reading in the book of Daniel this week in the Old
Testament. And I think he is my new favourite scripture hero. He is so
solid! The integrity he has is just amazing. Then I read the talk by
president Uchtdorf, "Be not afraid, only believe." And he talks about
Daniel. I have just grown to love that book! Not to mention the dreams
and visions he has are super interesting as well... But  I still need
to study them more in depth. So I guess that is everything! I love you
and I will be waiting on those G's in the mail!

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