St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 11 April 2016


Alright so, first of all conference was amazing. I think we all know
that! It impossible for me to just pick one favourite talk because
there were so many that impacted me in different ways. I wrote down 5
different questions going into it and they all got answered! By differ
et speakers in different ways. It is so cool how inspired our leaders
really are. One of my most favourite talks was definitely president
Nelsons in the priesthood session though! On my goodness SO good!

So you know how Elder Anderton and I are zone leaders? Well, on Friday
we pulled a pretty sweet Aprils fools joke on our zone.. Haha it was
so good! It Was mainly the STL's idea. So we have a general authority
coming to our mission soon. Elder Lawrence. And he asked that all the
missionaries send in 2 sentences about themselves with a picture and
what not. So the we did. But we texted the whole zone saying that
Elder Lawrence also asked to send in a 1 minute bio video of your most
memorable story and your least favourite thing about Minnesota... You
might think that it is pretty lame sounding but it was freaking
hilarious! Some of the things missionaries come up with is pretty
historical. It was just funny to because the video thing isn't real at
all but they act like he is going to watch them.. Hahahaha. Oh man. So
good. Maybe I will send one just so you can see.

We had a pretty cool miracle last Wednesday night! We were tracting in
an apartment building because we had an appointment fall through. We
started at this first door becaus people were Helios obviously someone
was home. It turned out they were not that interested Haha. So we
decided to do the one across from it last because of all the ruckus.
Well we do the rest of the doors on that floor and there wasn't to
much interest so we decided we would leave. But as we were about to
head about the door we remembered that we were going to knock on that
one door last and we both had a pretty strong feeling that we should
knock on it. So we do and a dad answers and doesn't seem to interested
at the start. Then his wife yells in the background, "We're members of
your church!". Were like what.. Then they let us in and it turns out
their 12 year old son has been going to scouts in our Ward like every
week and the mom is a les active member. This family is a complete
gold mine. At least 3 potential baptisms here. And the 12 year old boy
expressed extreme interest in being baptized! So we are super pumped
about it! This family is awesome! We think that they are real
prepared. Our second appointment with them is tonight. So hopefully it
goes well! So I guess that is everything... It is super weird that my
birthday is next week. 😟 my teenage years are nearly over! Freaky.
Also Weston gets home next week?!? Crazy! Bishop Palmer might be
getting released soon then... Ahh well see! I hope not! Bye!

Elder Long

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