St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

So hey guys sorry for the late email this week! We had zone interviews
we needed to be at yesterday and Monday so that created a very busy
couple of days! We did take our Pday on Monday but we had a tee time
set up... Yes we did go golfing cuz it was a super nice day! But now
we finally have a little time to email. Yesterday I went to crystal on
exchanges. They cover downtown Minneapolis and it was super cool just
cruising around down town! I'll put some pics up in a minute. We
taught his active member that lives right across the street from the
new Vikings us bank stadium. Quite cool. But the city life is not for
me. So busy all the time and people everywhere. Some crazier than
others. Yah, no. Pretty cool to visit though!

Some things that happened last week.. We got our new car! It is super
nice. A 2016 Toyoat Corolla. It smells like a new car 👃🏻👍🏻. I got
the Easter package by the way. Thanks for the goodies! We tried to
give most of it away. And we did. So I probably won't get to fat. I
also took my bike in to get tuned up cuz it is a bit rusty. So
hopefully that will be done soon. Things are going well with Hung
though! He is a pretty cool kid! We brought Zach over for the last
lesson and it went really well! Zach knows him from school. We're
going to see him today as well. It is really cool teaching someone
from the very beginning. It is almost refreshing in a way. I mean
teaching someone who isn't corrupted by modern Christianity and
apostasy is kind of nice!😊. So I can't remember if I told you about
Grover last week or not. But his girlfriends dad found out that he was
meeting with us and he made his daughter brake up with him... He is a
baptist pastor I guess. It's crazy what is happening. He is mostly
confused as to why these things are happening just because he is
talking with us. A lot of his friends are giving him opposition as
well. I have never really seen the adversary so real and apart of this
work than I have with Grover. It is crazy. BUT! We are helping him
through it! He trusts us and he trusts in God. I just really hope that
things turn out well for him...

We had dinner with this Polynesian family twice last week. The
Taumalolo/Peniata household. There are so many people in that house
haha. So I have been fed pretty well this week... Oh! I almost forgot
the most amazing miracle that happened last week! So we are focusing a
lot on teaching active members right now. We wanted to go over to the
thompsons to teach them last week and the only night that worked for
them was Thursday  night at 6.. So we set it up and they asked if we
could do dinner as well.. Well we already had a dinner set up at 5
with someone so it was a very tough decision. We told them yes
anyways! We thought that we could just go easy on the first dinner we
could probably make it through the next one just fine. So Thursday
comes around and were at this families house for dinner! But, the
husband is not home yet. So we had to wait in the car till he got
there. About 20 minutes later he never came so sister Herrington just
packed up some food and sent us on our way! BIGGEST MIRACLE EVER!!
Haha plus the food we were goin to have was beef stroganoff with a but
load of mushrooms in it. Ick 😖. So in a way it was a double miracle.
Then we got a super awesome dinner at 6, pulled pork sandwiches
mmmmm... Probably the best night ever. It is super weird that Baylee
is home. That video of her speaking Spanish was crazy! And elder
Palmer gets home in 2 weeks too! Ah! Man. Time isn't even a real

I think that is mostly everything... I'm super pumped for #LDSConf!
Also what happened with the high school boys basketballs? Has provs
happened yet? Did they win zones? I would like to know!


Elder Long

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