St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Alright sorry I haven't written yet but it's been a bit crazy lately.
So you remember how a while back I said we got bed bugs? Well last
week we found another one and a few bites so all of yesterday, today,
and last Friday we have spent the whole time cleaning and putting
everything in garbage bags. And we live with a member so hey have a
TON of stuff in our closet. So we had to put literally everything in
garbage bags with these pest strip things. I would never ever put
someone through what we have had to do. And today we are spending all
day vacuuming and steam cleaning everything in our room! Yay so fun!
(As I cry inside) but with all this bed bug craziness we have been
able to see some good success in our area! Philip came to church with
his step dad and had a great time! One of the sacrament talks even
answered a question he has had for a while. It was super cool. And he
really likes all the young men his age so it is only a matter of time
before he gets baptized. Jackson was able to come as well! It was his
first time in our Ward. He brought his 1 year old kid named prince. He
was good the whole time until the end of the last talk then he started
screaming. So Jackson had to take him out. Both Jackson and Philip are
progressing well and it is just going great! We found out transfers
yesterday and elder Anderton and I will be staying together another
one. Next week elder Larry R. Lawrence is coming to our mission to do
a mission conference. It should be pretty cool! I'm looking forward to
it! Also I got a video from Kansas.. But it was only like 6 seconds
long of dad sticking his tongue out. Is that how long it really is or
did it not work? Cuz that's all I got. It was funny but it just felt
like there was more to the video than that. And thanks for the bday
wishes! Pretty soon it will be summers! 😎

Elder Long

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