St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Sunday, 13 March 2016

So this week has pretty much been incredible. I am so extremely happy
to be serving with elder Anderton! I never thought almost a year ago
as my district leader in Andover, he would be serving with me in
medicine lake. It is flipping awesome though! We are doing some
serious work and hope to do a lot more. We had the coolest miracle
yesterday at church. So as you know it was fast Sunday. I was praying
and fasting that we would find a new person that would be solid and
progress fast. And little did I know that elder Anderton was praying
and fasting that someone new would just walk into church! So we get
through sacrament meeting and only one of our investigators come. This
guy always comes though. So we go into our gospel principles class and
within five minutes brother Higgins walks in with this 18 year old
kid! Apparently he just wanted to go to church today because he has a
friend who has a friend that is Mormon and he wanted to check it out..
Well he is super solid! We taught him a lesson basically right after
class and answered a ton of his questions which were very good
questions. It was just crazy how directly God answered Elder Andertons
prayer. So we will be seeing him this week! Also the weird thing about
him is that he is from Helena, Montana haha! Weird right? He has been
to cardston before. He is such a cool kid.

So we also had an adventure this week that I hope i never have to do
ever again. We discovered we had bed bugs in our room... Probably the
worst annoyance of all time. Having to clean everything and wash all
our clothes and junk. Man so annoying. But it is all taken care of
now! The members we live with are probably the nicest members I have
ever met. Seriously sister Henstrom is INCREDIBLE. So nice. There son
Michael comes downstairs often to see what we're doin! He is so
hilarious. He has Down syndrome but he is one of my favourite people!
He is also a super good dancer! He was helping us clean today and he
studied with us for a little but before he got bored and left haha. I
love that kid. So ya that is pretty much the week. There is probs
always more but I never remember or have time to write it in. Love you

Elder long

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