St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 14 March 2016

So this week has been really awesome! We found a few new investigators
and we have been having some pretty decent success. Mostly the coolest
thing at happened was last night.. There was a church sponsored
concert called, "The Lamb of God". And if you know anything out the
missionary world, The album lamb of God is very popular. I think I
even sent it home to you guys a while ago?.. But anyways this this
ounces exactly like the cd. I was thoroughly impressed!👏👌. But we
brought Grover there(the guy that just walked into church last week)
and he loved it to! After it was over he told us elder Anderton and I
were a lot cooler than he thought we would be hahah. It was pretty
hilarious. He also couldn't believe how nice everyone was and how
everything is free hah. Don't worry we told him about the whole 10%
thing. But the super sad thinks that he is just a few blocks outside
our area 😭😭. So in a couple lessons were going to have to pass him
off the the Crystal elders. Man are they getting a sweet referral!
THere is also another super solid lady were teaching who is just
outside our area.. I feel like the only solid people were finding are
always just barely outside our area. So the cedar lake sisters are
going to be getting a super solid referral to. But hey I guess it's
all the same work!

Oh and I guess I gave a talk yesterday. My topic was hope and joy
through the atonement of Christ. So like all my personal studies were
based on that. I'm so relieved to study whatever I want/need to now.
In my talk I gave three different examples of how the atonement brings
hope and joy. The story of Lazarus, Alma the youngers conversion, and
a story about Niel A Maxwell overcoming a health trial. In each of
these examples there is a problem. With Lazarus it was death, with
Alma it was sin, and with elder Maxwell it was overcoming a trial. And
the solution to all these problems is the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
So I think it went ok! But I think I have to go now. I'm doing fine
money wise. I haven't called TD yet cuz I feel like it isn't a huge
emergency. But I guess I'll cya later! Love ya! Congrats Kansas you
are incredible! So clutch! 🏀⛹🏼

Elder Long

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