St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 4 January 2016

Hm well what can I say since I already talked to all of you a few days
ago... I guess I will say a few things I forgot to mention in the
skype thingy. So there is a member here, the Wigg's, who have a
grandson from Toronto serving in Alberta! And guess where he got
transferred to the other week? STIRLING! His name is Elder
Sprickerhoff. I think I spelled that right?.. But ya so I know his
grandparents the Wigg's and his cousins the Jones's if you ever see
him. I guess today and tomorrow must be the sugar bowl? You should
keep me updated on that please... That would be sweet.

Another cool thing I forgot to mention was that Christmas Eve we went
Caroling and had an awesome experience. We started singing Silent
night at this one house and a lady invited us right in to sing to her
husband who just got out of the hospital that day. We sang the whole
song. The spirit was there and there were tears shed! It was so
amazing! I could tell that it made her entire day!

I'm sorry that one of the CD's didn't work... Did you get it to work
or nah? I can probably send it again somehow if needed. Also if you
can't find the beats pill I'm probs going to get another speaker...
Not one as expensive that's for sure. So just lettin ya know. Ya so
Pday is once again on Friday this week for New Years. The Zone leaders
are coming up from Duluth to go on exchanges and spend Pday with us!
It should be siiik. Also that CD you sent me is pure fire🔥. Thanks!!
I love it. I guess I got to go now... So talk to you later and Happy
new year or whatever.

Elder Long

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