St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 4 January 2016

Hey family what up!! Doing real good out here in the bay! So the zone
leaders came up from Duluth this week for exchanges. It's always fun
when they come up. I went with elder Lowe this time. He's awesome! He
is from Texas and is 6'8.. He is going to try to walk in at BYU so
that's is pretty cool. It wasn't a to eventful exchange because a
member called us to help her move an entire kitchen from one house to
her house... So that made things a little difficult. But I can't
complain because I love doing service! Plus we got free lunch out of
it so double bonus there. And for Pday on New Years we watched this
movie called Freetown. It was awesome! It's about six Liberian
missionaries during the civil war.

Also there is a family in geraldton that we Skype with on a weekly
basis. The Robars. And guess what? We're going there on Thursday! I'm
so pumped! They live about 3 hours northeast of here.... Yah that is
still in my area. Our Ward boundaries are bigger than the state of
Utah so we have to go a long ways to get out of our area! I'll
hopefully have some cool pics of that.

Hm it seems that I'm in a bit of a rush so I will have to speed this
up a little. I have been skin something lately that has really helped
with my personal study. I've been doing s different study activity in
PMG everyday and it has helped with my study so much! Not only does it
keep me awake but I learn a lot as well!! Haha well I have probably
forgotten a few things but whatevs. That's what my journal is for I

Elder Long

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