St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

So this week has been pretty great! Thursday night was SO fun! Wow.
First of all. Thanks for the little note all of you's sent to the
Holden's for me! Izaaks response was hilarious,"I am thankful for the
big bed and all the Xbox games you gave me". Classic Izaak. The
Holden's are for real one of the best families I have met on my
mission. So solid. They had us over for American thanksgiving for the
American Elders. I wasn't mad cuz more food=happy me. And their kids
are hilarious! I was teamed up with Lucy for the gingerbread house
making. We completely dominated obviously. Others may have been a lot
more flashy but we had the pure fundamentals. You may have been sent
some of these pics by the Holden's but I'll send some just in case.
And the Bagelys had us over on Sunday for another American
thanksgiving dinner because half of their family is American. So ya we
got fed pretty good this week!

We are starting to see some really good things happen in our area
though! Jonathan is so cool and he is progressing very well. He came
to church and liked it and now he is praying about baptism. Man all we
have to do is get him to freshen up on some word of wisdom things and
he should be set! He will probably be baptized in January if that does
happen. It's amazing to see how the Lord puts people into our teaching
pool who need the be there at this time. Jonathan is totally one of
those people. He wants to change his life so much and he is very
sincere. Our next lesson with him is tomorrow and we're going to try
and set a baptismal date with him.

Thunder Bay is beginning to be my favorite area.. Not just because
we're living with another set of elders but because of the work that
is going on and the relationships I'm creating. With my companion,
investigators, members, the other elders here. Plus I'm in Canada. I
just feel like I have never been happier. It's a cool feeling. 😆😋.

I have also been diving into the book, "The power of everyday
missionaries" again. If you have not read is book. READ IT!! Thanks
Anna for sending me it because it has helped a ton actually. It just
helps you to understand what the non member thinks.. Idk it's hard to
explain. Just read it ok? I try not to think about trunky thoughts to
much but i am actually a little excited to see y'all at Christmas. I'm
not homesick don't worry! In fact I'm probably the opposite of
whatever homesick is. It will just be cool to here from you guys. And
to hear izaaks new man voice Hahahahaah. That's so weird. Anyways
that's it I guess. Peace

Elder Long

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