St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


So this week has been pretty eventful. On Wednesday night after supper
we started our 3 hour journey to Duluth. It was dark and rainy but I
guess we survived. No Deer were hit... So success? But anyways we were
in Duluth from Wednesday night to Friday night. Zone P-day was pretty
fun. We played some games in the gym. I always feel like zone pdays
are like a big YSA activity Except there is zero flirting allowed.
It's a very weird feeling... I don't like it usually haha. But we went
bowling as well and of course I am terrible at bowling so I get last
the first game 😭😭. Also I managed to find the best deals at savers
and at the mall. I got some sweet air Max's for $45... Because I lost
my other running shoes. It was probably for the best. We all had
Dinner at Olive Garden. Which was my first experience there. It was
Aight I guess. A lot of hype around it. Then on Friday morning we had
our zone training with president Forbes. We watched the new Christmas
video, "A Savior is born" it was super good! We got trained a lot on
working with members. Because it is really true the most successful
work is with those that have been found by members.

Oh! Other big news is that on Friday J.P Anderson from Farmington was
there because he works for the church and manages all the buildings.
It was very surprising to see him! I found out some pretty Major
news... He told me that my TRAINER spencer Shurtleff is having a
BABY!!!! A real baby! I flipped out! They have only been married since
August to. I'm convinced that this was not planned. It is very weird
knowing that one of your companions is going to be a real dad in
June....  And he hasn't even written me. What a guy eh?

And JP is making a trip out to tbay in a couple weeks so I will get to
catch up with him even more! Farmington had a few baptisms in October
as well which was VERY cool to here. Man just so much news this past
week came my way 😱.

None of our investigators came to church this week either. 😤😫. You
would think that I am used to that disappointment but I probably will
never be used to it. There are definitely a lot of cool people here
that we have to work with. The hard part is just finding those people
that are ready to move and change. It's really easy to think that I am
not progressing as fast as I should be. I think about it every day!
Why don't we have baptisms coming up, why aren't our investigators
keeping their commitments, why don't I feel like I am growing as much
as I did when I got trained, why this why that. I have come to learn
that God doesn't care how FAST we are moving forward. He just cares
that we ARE moving forward. So I am goin to try living with that
attitude more. Yes I will try to constantly improve. But, just give
your will to God and let him take the wheel! Man. So much easier said
than done. But anyways that's what I got for this week.


Elder Long

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