St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Well I didn't think I would be celebrating Canadian thanksgiving on my
mission but it looks like I am! Only downside is that a lot of the
stores are closed.. And today is Pday. But we are pretty much getting
two days of thanksgiving in a row because the P's fed us a
thanksgiving dinner yesterday and the Bagely's are feeding us dinner
again tonight. I am not mad.

Oh my goodness the funniest thing happened to us this week. So Elder
Smith and I in our nightly planning on Monday prayed specifically for
a street to go do some finding... Well we came up with Ray Blvd. So we
went re the next day in the afternoon and we are just knocking away
talking to people. Then, we knock on a door and this elderly lady
comes and talks to us. When we told her we were missionaries she then
asked us a few questions...(like if we are going to rape her)...
Obviously we say no and then she said," Oh well come on in!" So we
went in and luckily she had a brother there so we could stay. Through
our conversation we learned that she came her from the Ukraine many
years ago and she swears just about every sentence. She always said,"
I'm 80 years old you know.." She was hilarious! Anyways we teach a
lesson and on the way out she just kept saying how much she
appreciated us and then.... Well I was going to shake her hand, and we
did, but then she started to pull me in. There was no escape at this
point! I thought at first she was going to go for the lips.. But
luckily she didn't phew! Just got a nice big one on my forehead! Now I
can officially say I have been kissed on my mission. We're not sure
what were goin to do when we go back. Or IF we're even going to go
back haha.

Anger cool the that happened was we were riding our bikes back home
for supper when we pass this guy who yells at us, "Hey Elders!"  I was
confused that he called us elders. (Cuz only people that know what we
are call us that) but we find out that he just moved here to go to
school and he is a member who joined the church 10 years ago in
Calgary but has been inactive for the past few years. It was super
cool he will be coming to church at the end of the month. He is a cool

Also some BIG NEWS. Neil L. Anderson is coming to the Duluth Stake
conference!! So crazy! And we have permission to travel down as long
as we get a member ride. We are super stoked. It's like conference all
over again. We will probably be going down Saturday and stay the night
with the Zone leaders. Also I forgot to mention his last week but I
got destroyed by a double down from KFC... It was so good but it
wrecked me afterwards haha. 😲

I guess that is all from me this week. Also it would be cool if you
filled me in on some southern AB news once in a while... Like Jocelyn
Maxwell is going on a mission? When did this happen? Where to? And
Meagan Anderson is getting married? To who? Just stuff like that would
be nice... Thanks!

What scripture are you all ponderizing this week? I am ponderizing Alma 7:23


Elder Long

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