St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
Listen to General Conference April 4 & 5

Monday, 5 October 2015

So this week has been pretty good! We got a new hot water tank!!
WoOOoOO!! That is probably what makes me the most happy. Besides
conference of course.
 Flip conference was so amazing!! My favourite
talk was the one by Elder Lawrence about praying to know what is
keeping us from progressing... His talk answered so many of my prayers
and questions it was seriously amazing. I came into conference with 4
questions. I got them all answered plus more!! My testimony of our
leaders has grown drastically this weekend. And with those three new
apostles called I can't wait to here more from them! The spirit
definitely witnessed to me that they are the right men for the job. I
can't wait to study more of the words that were spoke this weekend. 
and I'm definitely doing the ponderizing thing!! Hannah, Kansas,
Izaak, mom, dad, summer, I will be following up with you every week to
see what scripture you are going to "Ponderize" so be ready ok! This
week mine is Psalms 37:4. The two words delight and desire have been
Heavily on my mind this weekend and since reading this scripture. We
must delight in the Lord and he will then give us our desires! It's
the perfect formula! Man, it would probably take me forever to go over
everything that I have learned from GenCon. Conference is just the
absolute ultimate. Anyways here is a pic of the T-Bay crew! 

It's so good to here that everyone loved conference and watched ALL the sessions! I am so proud of all of you! I hope that you truly trust in all of the promises given by our inspired leaders. Seriously. When you go back to study all the talks pay attention to the promised blessings given. Some will be more specific than others but they are all real and powerful if you'll let it change you!
This past week wasn't the best as far as teaching unfortunately 😰. We have an investigator named Ravi who has a date set for November but we didn't meet with him! There really is a ton of potential here though. Thunder Bay will be baptizing before you know it! I am so happy to be here and so excited to keep working! I love you all! 

Elder Long

What scripture are you going to Ponderize this week? I expect direct reports from all of you! :) 

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