St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 28 September 2015

The return

Hey guys so I guess I made it to Thunder Bay! I always heard that
Thunder bay was pretty isolated from the mission... But since 7 hour
drive from Minneapolis... Ya it totally is. Plus were 4 hours away
from the closest area. And we're in a totally different time zone!! I
am two hours ahead of you now. But man it is so good to be back in
Canada. Tim Hortons, Crappy tire, Celsius, so good. I can't re,ember
if I told you this already but there are 4 of us missionaries that
live in this little house the church rents out. It is pretty sweet
except for the fact that our water heater is broken!!! Oh my it is the
worst. We have had to take freezing cold showers the past few days and
I hate it so much. In fact this morning I warmed some water in a pot
on the stove and took it into the tub and just used that to wash
myself. It worked great actually! Just a lot of effort. I r ally hope
it gets fixed soon. I am luckily in the north area so we get the car 5
days a week instead of 2. The other day some guy was getting mad at us
and going off about America because he thought we were Americans it
was funny because at the end of his soap box speed we told him we were
both Canadian and that hushed him up real quick! #TeamCanada

The ward here is pretty small. Our bishop and his family are cool tho!
His name is bishop Pohjoisrinne. Yeah it's a bit tricky isn't it? It's
Finnish. We just call him Bishop and Sister P. I'm not sure what else
to say... We have an investigator named Ravi who has a baptism date
for November 14 and we should hopefully have another date set by the
end of this next week for somebody for the week before then. So the
work is going to good! We have a Gigantic area to. There is this
family we teach in Gereldton, which is four hours away, that we have
to Skype for lessons. We did that last night. It's crazy! Oh and we
get a jeep. A lot cooler than the Chevy Cruze.

I hope Hannah and dad had a good bday! I sent something in the mail so
hopefully it gets there soon. If you want to send stuff to me send it
to this address

840 McMillan St.
Thunder Bay, ON P7C-3M1

If you mail it to the over address. The mission home. Than it will
take forever to get to me. So just send it to there for now. Sorry
Emily packages will be a bit trickier now! But thanks for the beef
jerky. Much appreciated.

Also I discovered that my debit card still works because I can use my
chip up here in Canada! I will probably get a new one soon but for now
it still works. Thanks though!

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