St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sorry everyone I forgot to tell you our Pday got switched to today! So
I am emailing right now. So is week has been pretty crazy. I have been
in maple grove with elder Hennen from Wednesday to yesterday. That was
great! So right now I am in Duluth with the Zone leaders and the other
Thunder Bay Elders. We stayed over at there place last night because
we didn't get to Duluth till about 8. Yesterday we had a 1/2 mission
conference with Elder Martino from the seventy! It was really really
great! I learned a lot about the importance of going to members to
seek new people to start teaching, using the right member for joint
teaching, the importance of the spirit, and a ton of other stuff! I
Love Elder Martino he is super great. Apparently he told me he was in
lethbridge at a stake conference last week so that was cool too.
night after the mission conference I went back up to Duluth (2 hour
drive) with the ZL's and the Ashland elders.... My butt was super sore
sitting in the back of that Nissan Frontier.  I am just happy we
stopped at subway halfway through. So today we are going to spend the
Pday with Duluth and then we will head to Thunder Bay tonight! I am
super pumped! So I'm not sure what else to say life is kind of crazy
right now so here are some pics

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