St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Twins game was very cool I must say. I thought baseball would be
boring but it turns out love games are pretty sweet! Plus we got on
the jumbo screen so we're pretty much famous now. And I got a sweet
twins hat and twins tie. All of my pics I took are on my real camera
so until we email at the library I can't send any home. Sorry bout it
I will try to do it soon. Looks like you had a successful Waterton
trip! Dad and Hannah suck it up hiking is good for you! Do it again!
Be healthy guy, not lazy guy!! This last week was pretty great though.
We went on exchanges for a while so I was in Anoka for like 2 days
basically. But the Davis boys are still doing good! They didn't get to
church but it is looking like they aren't going to get baptized until
August when they move into the Anoka ward. Which is fine I guess. Man
I really hope I train next transfer cuz there are 27 new missionaries
coming in and elder Macdonald are mostly likely going to separate cuz
we've been together for a while. But we'll see! Today we have another
zone p day thing. Should be fun. Oh today we are getting haircuts

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