St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hey family what is up! Our district is getting really into golfing so
today we hit up the driving range again. Next week we're going to
actually play a round. Here is a vid of me attempting to golf. Some
guy got mad at elder Macdonald for wearing his cowboy boots on the
green hahahaha! This week was really boring because we spent HOUrS
putting ALL of our paper records into the iPad. Seriously it took way
to long. But we got it all done so now it is going to be much nicer.
We moved the Davis Boys baptism to August 15 so they will be getting
baptized in the Anoka Ward which is fine. Oh and last night we got to
go to the Mission Presidents Fireside because the Gilmer's were
speaking at it. They were baptized in February by the way. They are
really great! Those meetings are awesome because it's all recent
converts and their testimonies are strong. Also I got my shoes so
thank you for sending them. Transfers are coming up on August 5 and I
am really scared for what could happen... Mostly because I have no
idea what is go into happen. I really want to train... But we will see
I guess! Also thanks Aunt Emily for the Jerky and Protein bars! Always
good! I can't really think of anything else to write so I guess see ya

Elder Long

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