St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 13 April 2015

The Andover Ward is so Awesome! the people here just GET IT. Bishop Johnson is an amazing bishop too! I am excited to be here and to get to know the People here more. We sat in the first part of Ward Council on Sunday and I haven't been in a lot of ward councils but this one gets things done. quite efficient. Also cool story a missionary named Elder Hicken went home on April 1st (this guy is the best missionary ever he was the A.P when I got here and he is one of the biggest examples to me on my mission) and anyways we get out of ward council at around 10 and the Anoka ward is still in their testimony meeting when I hear this voice bearing their testimony. I knew it sounded familiar and then he said his name! I flipped. I guess he came back really quick to tour his mission with his parents and also a family he taught went to the temple. But it was crazy I thought I would never see him again. I talked to him for a while after. I also talked to his dad and he said he gets a lot of grain hauled from Canada and I told him my dad probably was one of them! ;) Anyways I just thought that was awesome. We do a lot of Recent Convert work in this area. Right now we are teaching an Average of 10 lessons a week in that category. The Lattu's, the Gilmers, Harry, Bro Gray, and other Less-Actives. It is cool to teach people soon after they have made the covenants of baptism. they are like sponges they just soak everything in! Today we have a District P day and we are going to the Como Zoo. I'm not one for Zoo's but we are taking the trains to get there so that is probably going to be the highlight. Yesterday I totally forgot it was my birthday until the Mission President's Wife texted me to say Happy b day... There is the mission life for ya! so busy you forget your own b day. which is fine with me it is weird to tell people I am 19 now instead of 18. But I'll get over it. Andover has been really sweet so far I am loving it here! I won't be mad at all If i stay here for another 6 moths.. But anyways I have to hurry so we can get to the Zoo!!! Love you family!

Elder Long!

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