St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 2 March 2015

Some interesting news to start out here. So last Thursday we had an accounting call with our District Leader (Elder Larson) and he informed us that he was getting ET'd (Emergency Transferred) That afternoon.... I guess president called him the night before. I was super surprised. Elder Larson has been my District leader the whole time I have been out and he was such an awesome missionary! But life goes on I guess. SO. we move on to Friday and at this point we still don't have a district leader. We assumed that Elder Larson's replacement was going to be the district leader. However, this was not the case. During our weekly planning Friday morning we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders informing us that I would be the new district leader... The first thing I thought was. FLIP. I am so young! I have no Idea how to be a district leader. I have only had one myself my entire mission! But there is obviously a reason for everything and apparently what I need right now is to be a district leader. So we will see how that goes. Anyways, as far as investigators go this past week has been kinda slow... Carrie has taken a few steps back and won't commit to anything right now. We have been doing A LOT of finding. I mean a lot. which is just what we need and we are already seeing results of our labors! It really is true that if you put in the time and effort, there will be positive results. 

Also here is another cool experience that happened yesterday while we were tracting. So we were just tracting away knocking on doors going from, "I'm Catholic" to "We're good here" to "I'm busy playing PS3" When we approach the next house, we knock on the door and the lady let us in almost immediately( which RARELY happens). She then went on to offer us hot chocolate( which NEVER happens!) As you can see at this point My companion and I are utterly surprised at what was going on. So we just went with it and took the hot chocolate and had a very good conversation! It turns out she had really good friends that were members back in California and knew someone some people serving missions currently. So she wasn't interested in learning about the church but she was super nice. So this is the funny part, after we left Elder Chou informed me that today was fast sunday and tat we totally broke our fast! We totaly forgot!! ugh! Which I mean C'mon, if that were to happen to anyone else they would have been to shocked like we were and drank the hot chocolate too. So I would say that life is going very well at this point! I thought that I would be completely pulling my hair out by taking over the area but I am actually enjoying it? Weird eh? Also People really want to see what canadian money looks like... So when ever yo get a chance some loonies and toonies and a new $5 bll would be a nice to have to show people...  promise I will pay you back!  But seriously I really love being a missionary and the time has flew by so quickly! its crazy! 

I Love all of yall and Hold to the Rod

Elder Long

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