St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 23 February 2015

So my new companion Elder Chou(it's pronounced like Zoe) is from Taiwan. He has been out 14 months and he is a convert! He was baptized 4 years ago and is still the only member in his family. He is a very good  missionary and has helped me a lot these past few days. Before he got to me he was serving in Minneapolis as a Mandarin speaking missionary. So he is still trying to remember/learn English. But so far he has been speaking English very well! It's really weird not having a companion from Utah or Idaho.. But I really love being companions with Elder Chou because he has taught me a lot about Taiwan. Also he speaks Mandarin so I am going to try and learn it.. As much as I can anyway I have always wanted to learn another  I have learned a lot since transfer day. I have never had so much responsibility in my life! I know that this is where I will grow the most but at the same time it is so emotionally and physically draining. This past week has been kinda slow because of Elder Shurtleff going home and all. But this next week coming up will be great! Elder Chou and I are going to work as hard as we can to bring others to the knowledge of the restored gospel. 

Carrie right now is doing alright... We discovered Friday that she has a boyfriend.. So ya. We originally had a date set for her on the 28th of march but it is looking questionable right now. But we will keep working with her as best as we can. She has been struggling with keeping commitments lately and I really hope she can make the decision to pursue baptism. I don't know if its just the area that I am in right now or what but finding people to teach is quite the challenge! Seriously Everybody that we talk to on the doorstep is either Religious, or professes to be religous already. But I have faith that those who are out there that are ready to receive our message will be put in our path when the time is right.   

I have no idea where my high school transcripts are. My ACT stuff should be in my gmail account. if not they are on the ACT website. Which I can't remember the username and pass word right now. do you need them for something? 
Also It's cold here. really cold. I have been in colder situations than this but there is a big difference when you are just knocking on doors instead of playing football or sledding. But I think that is everything for last week! I love you all so much! Izaak I wish I could have been there to hear your talk. From what I have heard it must have been pretty awesome! Keep up the good work!

Elder Long Here is a picture of us!

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