St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 17 November 2014

Temple Trip

     WOW what a week! Sorry i dont have much time today! But we tracted into a guy named Efrain(he is from mexico) and he is totally prepared by the Lord! we havent invited him to be baptized yet but we are this week and im like %100 sure he will say yes. cuz we brought him to church yesterday and then had dinner with him at our ward mission leaders house. so awesome. We also got a referral from some elders in the Indiana indianapolis mission. they informed us that a guy named josh just moved to farmington and that he is #golden. So we contacted him and met with him and he is awesome! He got 4th in the world championship obstacle course racing?! cool eh? ya so he is awesome. probs going to get baptized. i think he already said yes. just not to us so we will get that cleared up tomorrow when we meet.
      And we went to the temple with brother Jones. it was very cool. the temple was tiny tho. but still its the temple so it doesnt even matter. So many miracles have happened!      
      This is seriously the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. My companion Elder Shurtleff is like a seriously critical thinker and he always trries to pick apart my brain to see what im really thinking. I hate it cuz i hate expressing my feelings and inner emotions haha. but its good for me i guess. But i got to go so love you guys! And yes summer i have a microwave. hows your noggin after that tumble down the stairs by the way? 

Elder Long

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