St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 10 November 2014


Wow sounds like it was quite the week. Sorry to hear about Jonathan and Charles :( I cant even imagine what that would be like. so sad.
      But hmm lets see here. So  funny story! So its p day today and we usually get up earlier to go to Walmart to shop before personal study. And we pick up another set of Elders too and then we go over to their apartment because they have a washing machine. ANYWAYS so were just chillin in the apartment and all of the sudden we get a text that says, "All mission vehicles will be grounded until further notice." So were like, flip. Because it snowed last night a bit and the roads are super icy. Oh and the New Prague Elders were here too so there are three sets of Elders and 4 bikes..... yes we totally doubled all the way to the library. But don't worry we had helmets on! we should have got a picture. oh well. I'm sure people driving by got a picture of us haha.
      Yesterday We tracted into these Russian Baptist guys and one of them(Andre) was just ripped.... like old school rocky 1 ripped. But he was pretty chill. We had a "polite bible bash" with them and they said they might text us.             And julie is going to Australia! very cool. To bad they lost to hairy ainley... I bet they were just devastated.
      But this week has been pretty.. uh. well it hasnt been as productive as we like to have wanted it to be. A lot of people dropped appointments. So we fasted yesterday in hopes to find people to teach! Cuz we need to find some new people.
      oh and here is another cool story! So i think it was tuesday? Elder Shurtleff and i were driving and we took a wrong turn. Next thing I know i hear him say. "I saw that house in my dream last night!" and i was like..... This is it! first real life miracle right here! so obviously we go and knock on the door........ no one is home.  I know right? But the next day we were on exchanges with New Prague and i was out of our area. When Elder Shurtleff and Elder Georgeson went back the next day it turned out to be a super less active guy and his non member family! they had a great conversation i guess it went pretty good? So hopefully we can work with them!
      So ya thats about it for the week.I dont think i need anything.. actually some thermals would be nice. the ones i have arent the greatest. But that is it i think. Good to hear from everyone. God speed.

Elder Long

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