St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Yep. I got sick last week. Probably the second time that has ever happened on my mission. On Tuesday I just had that "I am going to get sick" feeling. Then it finally hit on Friday, Saturday, and yesterday. But Elder Beach and I both got blessings last night and we are both feeling super good! Just in time to because this week we are on bikes 🚲. We both just got hit with the classic change of the season cold. Sinus and sneezing and runny nose and all of that. SO FUN! Not... but we actually did have an awesome week besides the whole getting sick part! We found a new investigator named Jaelen. He is so Cool! He moved here from Chicago about a year ago. He is 16 and is a singer/rapper. And he is a baller to. I was on exchanges when Elder beach found him so I wasn't there but I guess they tried to stop by a less active family and they moved.. But Jaelen and his dad moved in and Jaelen was the one that answered. This is how the conversation went.

"Hey are you guys missionaries?"

"Yes we are!"
-The Elders

"Great can I have a card so I can come to church this Sunday? I really want to come."

I'll stop there. So as you can see Jaelen is awesome. He wanted to come to church and meet with us. Which rarely happens to us so we are super stoked for him! He couldn't come to church last Sunday because he had an improv practice for school but he said next Sunday for sure. He has two performances this week he invited us To! So obviously we are going. 🎤🎭 

Also I had to give a talk on Sunday. It was kind of a struggle because I had a cold but I got through It! Afterwards a member who just got called into the temple presidency gave me the nicest compliment ever! He is seriously one of the nicest men I have met. He told me, "That was the best doctrinal talk I have heard in a long time." I was like.. wow  😳 thank you so Much! I will send you a copy of it for yourself to see. It was about making and keeping covenants. So I got to spend all week studying about covenants! Which was fun. I like having good topics to study about. And covenants is definitely a good topic! 

I think that is about it. I think I am good on the money department. Also mom please don't make matching t shirts for when I go home.. unless they are all Minnesota wild shirts. And you have one for me to. Haha but for real just as long as you are all there that is all that matters! 

Love you 😘 

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