St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Last transfer what?!?!

Alright here is the big news... I'm getting transferred to Minnetonka.
And guess what? I'm opening the area and bring a bran new missionary.
😶 sooooo... Ya this should be fun! Haha man we had to sleep over with
the Assistants last night  and I knew I was going to train but what
happened I didn't expect. But good news! I will be close enough that I
will be able to go to Moses baptism this Saturday! So that is good. I
don't have a ton of time because it is transfer week and so obviously
it is busy. But make sure to post Hannah's mission call on my iCloud
photo sharing!! I want to find out soon! But my time in med lake has
been so good! I have learned so much here. We have worked hard and
finally a baptism right when I Go! And no mom I have no idea about my
flight plans... Usually you find out before me but right now I am not
to worried about It! I'm sure it will all work out! 😬 so if I
remember anything else to say then I will write later but for now see

Elder Long

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