St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 11 January 2016

So family. It's Monday again I guess. The holiday slump seems to be
somewhat over finally. We can start getting back to work! We're
focusing on the Ward right now a lot. We're working with the Ward
mission leader to develop a solid Ward mission plan. We're hoping to
get things going! With the Ward fast coming up on the 24th were hoping
to see some major miracles.

On Thursday we made a road trip to geraldton! It is a small town in
the north end of our area approximately 3 hours and 7 minutes away...
Good thing we have a ton of miles! Haha it was so cool. Got to see
some parts of the country I have never seen. It was pretty to. Nipigon
is the coolest town! You should google it or something. It had a cool
view I guess. Also there is a bridge there that everyone has been
hyping up majorly... It was pretty cool but not THAT cool. Anyways I
will have to send a few vids of the trip. There is a family that lives
up there that is why we went. It seems so crazy to me that they are 3
hours away from church. I am extremely tempted to talk to president
Forbes about going there to crest a branch and completely open an area
where the church has never been. I think it would be the coolest! I
mean the first two weeks we would have at least 12 people to church!?
So why not right? It can only improve from there! Anyways that is just
a thought I have been having. So we will see where that goes.

Hm. Other things. Our investigator Ariah is having a tough time right
now. He is dealing with a lot of stress and stuff... But he is doing
well! We brought a recent convert over, Dalton, who got alon perfectly
with him and they even jammed on the guitar together! But he didn't
come to church 😰. We also found a new guy named Jerry. He is pretty
cool! He is like 60 something. He is pretty interested and he is
keeping commitments! So we're hoping things go well with him. He is
just a super nice guy.

Oh my goodness and one annoying thing that we have to deal with is our
stupid jeep. The tires are completely trash and one of them even got
warped. They are pretty bad. So we went to Midas to see what they
thought. And obvs they said to get 4 new tires. And then they said
something about the tie rod but our vehicle guy said it didn't make
any sense.. I just hope we get it figured out cuz now we have a stupid
donut tire on and it is annoying.

It is crazy how time is flying. Just next week we get another transfer
email! Absolutely insane. Hm what else. I think that is it. How much
money is in my account right now? I just want to know so I don't blow
it all haha.

Elder Long

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