St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Well this week has been fun! It has been hard though at the same
time... It's like all of the sudden the amount of people we have been
teaching has gone down... Our only investigator that is progressing a
little bit is Ariah but even then he didn't come to church. Like I
mentioned in my email last week we are focusing a lot with working
with the Ward and its members. So we will see how this goes! Since I
have been on my mission I have noticed how God puts us in specific
places for specific people. Just so many examples it's insane! There
are definitely prepared people in Thunder Bay. Apparently an area
authority promised that there would eventually be 4 stakes in Thunder
Bay... That is 40 wards!! And right now there is just one. Now here is
the interesting part. He said that there are some among you who will
love to see it happen... So if there was a new born baby in the room
that means in a hundred years or so a lot of things are going to go
down! Anyways I just thought that was cool.

THis week we are going down to Duluth for our Christmas conference. We
leave Thursday morning and come back Friday night probably. Depending
on the weather. So our Pday is going to be on Thursday down in Duluth!
I just have a short time to write today.

Saturday we did breakfast with Santa. Apparently that was a
"Missionary event" but we didn't even know about it until a week in
advance so we barely got anyone there. That was super fun. Then yet
again we helped move some firewood! Apparently we do that a lot.
Except this time we helped out brother Jones friend. Flip I'm running
out of time! Ok well life is good. I got both packages you sent mom.
Haven't got the shoes yet. Also for skyping once you have internet it
may be possible to do it on the tv downstairs if it is a smart tv. But
I'm sure you guys will figure it out without me.... Maybe. Love you

Elder Long

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