St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 21 December 2015

Well hello fam. Not really motivated to say a whole lot because I'm
going to be seeing you all on Friday. But I guess I can let you know a
little bit of what my life has consisted of. So the work has been
annoyingly slow here all of the sudden. But we have managed to stay
busy! We are going Caroling like crazy. We're starting with all the
members but were goin to be expanding to random people. So that should
be super fun! This week of Christmas is going to be super fun though.
Christmas Eve at the Holden's and Christmas Day at the P's. So good.
Also there is this family from Sierra Leone that we're going to visit
that night. They are super cool African families are awesome!

This past week we made another trip down to Duluth for Christmas
conference! It was of course super fun as usual. But sad because elder
Anderson got transferred 😭😰. But it had to happen eventually! Also
Elder Magleby, his replacement, is super cool. So that is great. We
did a zone Pday on Thursday. We went to this place called adventure
zone. Where we did laser tag, batting cages, mini golf, and whatever
else. Then we went to this place called Bentleyville. It was so sick!
I will send all the videos I took. Basically it is just a flip ton of
Christmas lights set up in Duluth and there are all these pathways and
stuff. It was pretty cool.

And for Christmas conference we watched.... Wait for it... One of the
most legendary movies of all time. THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!! My companion
hated it but I loved it! And it was the singalong version so all the
words to the songs was on the screen hahahahaha. It was great.

Oh and on the way back we had a fun time at the border... So because
I'm with three Americans they got all their Christmas packages when we
went down to Duluth. So we were literally stuffed to the roof in our
jeep with luggage and boxes... So you can imagine when we pulled up to
the border and they asked, "What's in the boxes?" "No idea". What
happens next. They told us to come inside and then. They opened
EVERYTHING! Now they are all upset at the border. It was actually kind
of funny to me for some reason.. I mean I knew it was going to
happened but ere was just no stopping it. Luckily they didn't take
anything or pay duty on it. So that was good. But that was just an
adventure I guess.

So for skyping or facetiming or whatever you wan to do for Friday we
will probably do it at 1:00 my time and 11:00 your time. Somewhere
around there. Just talk to Mark since he is coming up and how to best
do it. Like on the computer or TV, or FaceTime or Skype. FaceTime
seems to have a pretty clear picture most of the time so that would be
a cool option. But whatevs. Also I'm super pumped to see everyone! I
hope that all of the crew attend the call. Matt, Jake, Emily Meagan,
Anna, grandparents, and whoever else. That will be cool... So that
seems to be it for now. Our Pday got switched to Friday this week
because of Christmas so I only have a little bit of time to do things

So I guess that's it. See you all on Friday!

Elder Long

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