St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

This week has been pretty eventful I guess. So the zone leaders cam
up for exchanges on Tuesday. They almost didn't come because of the
weather but they did anyways. They survived so I guess it was fine?
It's always fun when they come up. Elder Percival goes home this week
so it was good to see him before he left! I went on his last exchange
ever as a missionary so that was cool.. We did a bunch of service this
week! Monday we helped move a sister for a long time, helped another
guy that day move some 40 pound bags into his house, Thursday we
worked at the shelter house, and Saturday we spent pretty much the
whole day at sister Strey's house getting her some firewood. We
probably hauled like 10 trains in there! So tiring. Brother DuPont
spearheaded that activity. He is SO cool. Absolute ultimate definition
of a man. He is from Long Lac originally which is like 3 hours north.
His family is in PEI though. He said he knows elder Tyson Mcyntire and
Dudley! So that is cool. I am still sore from it...

So other things that happened. Our investigators have been really
weird lately. Ryan is to focused on learning right now. It's pretty
frustrating. He wants us to get him all these books and study guides
but that's not what we're about. Jonathan apparently didn't like Elder
Percival to much so our lesson with him was pretty much a real fail..
It was really really weird. Something was off from the start I think.
We haven't seen him again yet but I think we will still see success
with him.

The stake president, President smith, came up is Sunday. He gave our
Ward council a training on M.M.R ministering, missionary, revelation.
It was very inspired. He also focused a ton on he NAC initiative.
Which is a focus on Prospective Elders, part member families, and
children of record. Yeah he basically threw down on how he
presidencies need to be praying about individuals in these lists and
who will be able to touch them. It was awesome! This Ward really
needed it..

We had our Ward Christmas party on Friday. There was actually a decent
amount of people that showed up. The theme was polar express. And oh
my goodness brother Ladaceur was the conductor and he was hilarious!
He used this little kids toy microphone. So funny. I'll send you a
vid. In the vid they ran out of the "polar express tickets" so we just
used cards haha. The other video is the Canadian pacific
holiday train! That was super cool as well. Also the Christmas
conference last night was really good! It was hard to watch cuz this
little kid was causing some havoc. But it was dease. Anyways I guess
that's it for me! Peace.

Elder Long

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