St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This week we done a flip ton of service it feels like. Friday we
helped broker jones cleanup his spec house, then Saturday we helped
him clean his garage, then on Sunday night his less active guy asked
us to help move him, then just today we spent most of the day priming
the Tennier's basement! It has been hard to feel like a missionary
with all this work goin on hah. Today I don't have a ton of time
because our real pday isn't until Thursday. We just have a little bit
of time to email today. We are having a zone training in Duluth on
Friday and having zone pday on Thursday! It is going to be so sick!
Road trip! Also before I forget mom, there is a family here and there
last name is Fisk. They are super cool sister Fisk just got baptized
in September. Anyways bro fisks two uncles I think live in Raymond!
Barry(3 ward) and Don (8 ward) they wanted me to ask you if you knew
them I guess. I just thought that was cool! Oh and let's see what else

Flip Saturday we did the craziest/Nerdiest/Embarrassing thing ever.
Ariah(investigator) invited us to something called... Bellagarth. Now
if you have never heard of this before it's really quite simple to
explain. It's a bunch of people fighting with foam weapons... It's
similar to LARPing except it is just the fighting. It was nuts. I got
killed by a girl like 5 times haha! I took a couple vid's so hopefully
they work to send.

Ryan came to church. At was sweet. Ariah had a super cool experience
with prayer this Week! He is look super promising! He got an answer
that he needs to read the Book of Mormon more. But hm I always feel
like I'm going to forget stuff at these things. Anyways I'm doin good.
Love you all and I am thankful for everything you have done! Cya

Elder Long

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