St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 10 August 2015

Just kidding?

Soooo.... Hm. This week has been real interesting. So remember when I
said I was being transferred to Fairmont Minnesota? Well that didn't
exactly happen. On Tuesday morning we got a call from Elder Crapo, one
of the assistants, and he informed us that I wasn't being transferred
anymore and that I was going to stay in Andover to train a bran new
missionary! Elder Macdonald got transferred BACK to Albert Lea where
he was for the first 9 months of his mission. He also got a bran new
missionary. So yeah you have probably told everyone that I was
transferred and am a district leader but I guess your going to have to
change that! But man my baby boys name is Elder Oldroyd. He is from
Fountain Green, Utah(pop. 1000) he just graduated this year and he is
the best! I am so excited to train him I have wanted to train for a
long time so here we go! Here is a pic of us

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