St. Paul Temple

St. Paul Temple
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Monday, 6 July 2015

Hey family and whoever else reads these things. Looks like Canada day
was another success as usual. That's the thing about small towns I've
noticed. On the 4th of July here it pretty much seemed like any other
saturday(besides the fireworks at night). Holidays in a small town are
just much more wild. I don't even think I took any pictures that day
cuz there wasn't anything early exciting about to take a picture of.
But what we did do was pretty fun! Saturday was our p day and we
basically got the whole day for it. U.S. And the Anoka elders hit the
driving range and whacked a few balls around and after that we went to
the Wills and had a BBQ and played football and dunkball! It was
pretty sweet. We actually have a lot of people we are working with
right now. We set a baptismal date with the Davis boys for July 25,
were still meeting with Bro. More, Tracy, a lot of good stuff is
happening guess. Oh here is a picture of me and bro gray! For some
reason it was impossible to get his eyes open for a good picture so
here is the best I got!

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